A story in wich the Garnacha is the main character

It all begins at the centenary Garnacha vineyards that belong to Raul Acha’s family, oenologist at Vintae, in Cardenas (La Rioja). His father has always wanted to pull them up, but Raul defends their value. With the aim of proving this to his father, he sets out on a journey through the Valle del Ebro to learn about the past, present and future of the Garnacha variety.

The proyects origin

In the first part of the documentary, Raul talks with his father and some other family members about the old vineyards planted by his great-grandfather. The oenologist refuses to see them disappear, and he decides to talk about this matter with the Viticulture Professor Fernando Martinez de Toda.

La Garnacha olvidada de Aragon

The oenologist and technical director of Vintae, Raul Acha, starts his own trip through the lands of the Garnacha in Aragon. He travels to the D.O. Calatayud, specifically the area of the Ribota Valley, and he comes across almost- centenary vineyards in Cervera de la Cañada.

La Garnacha Salvaje del Moncayo

After passing through Calatayud, Raul Acha heads towards the North side of the Moncayo accompanied by Toño, a great connoisseur of this area, and he discovers several wild and abandoned vines; some of them have even been pulled up, such as the vineyard owned by Miguel, a shepherd they find on their way.

La Garnatxa Fosca del Priorat

The third part of this trip through the Valle del Ebro takes Raul to Priorat, an area that has re-emerged at the same time as the Garnacha. The winegrower and winemaker Francesc Capafons-Osso will take the oenologist through the typical vineyards located in slate-soiled terraces.

El Garnacho Viejo de la Familia Acha

After his trip through the Valle del Ebro, the oenologist returns home and decides to make a very special wine using the grapes from the centenary vines planted by his great-grandfather. All his family collaborate harvesting, de-stemming them manually grape by grape, and pressing them in the traditional way.

La Garnacha de Hielo

The last of the wines comprising the collection Project Garnachas of Spain is an ice-wine made exclusively from the Garnacha variety. The harvest was carried out in La Rioja in late December, thus providing a very special wine.

The end of the journey

After making these wines, Raul meets with his father, who he wants to show the result of his work around the Garnacha variety, and with some other family members again, and they taste the five wines comprising this collection.

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