The project’s origin

‘Proyecto Garnachas de España’ pays homage to a variety that was relegated to the background for some years and which current consumer tastes have brought back to the limelight. This collection is the result of a very personal project by Raul Acha. […read more]

Winemaking areas

‘Proyecto Garnachas de España’ crosses different regions of Spain where Grenache has a special role and shows how this variety is able to offer different and spectacular results, according to the soil, climate and the conditions under which it is cultivated. […read more]

The Garnacha variety

The Garnacha is one of the varieties whose wines have been increasingly valued in the past few years. Consumers and critics are starting to value the fresh, fruity and easy-drinking wines that are produced with this variety. However, the Garnacha variety has not always enjoyed this recognition. For years, it has been relegated to the background and associated with low-quality wines. […read more]