‘Proyecto Garnachas de España’ pays homage to a variety that was relegated to the background for some years and which current consumer tastes have brought back to the limelight.

This collection is the result of a very personal project by Raul Acha which initiated with the search for vineyards in different areas of Spain that best reflected the essence of this variety. The result is a collection of monovarietal wines from very old vineyards that capture the concept of ‘Terroir’ to perfection, as each wine expresses all the nuances and singularities typical of its winemaking area.

The wines comprising ‘Proyecto Garnachas de España’ are made in areas near Valle del Ebro, which offers the optimum conditions required for this variety.

By means of this collection, we can enjoy the versatility and peculiarities that the Garnacha variety offers in each of the areas it is grown.