La Garnacha de Hielo


La Garnacha de Hielo is one of the few ice-wine made in Spain, and it originates from the Acha family vineyards. The harvest was performed in December with temperatures between five and ten degrees below zero. At that time of the year, the grape is over-ripe, has maximum concentration and a sweet wine with a very exclusive production is made.

Vineyard: Centenarian vineyards located on ferrous-clay soil at around 600 metres above sea level.

Harvest: The vineyard was harvested on 27 December 2009, between 7 and 8 in the morning, at a temperature of 7 degrees below zero. The temperatures fell below -11 degrees in the two weeks leading to the harvest.

Alcohol content: 11% Vol.

Winemaking and ageing: After the harvest, the grapes were quickly pressed using a small crank-type press, applying the suitable pressure to extract the grape’s pulp without breaking the frost. The extracted must was fermented naturally for over two months in French oak barrels, where it was left to age for one year and a half. Once aging was completed, this extraordinary harvest was bottled in a total of 1,750 bottles with a capacity of 0.375 l.

Tasting notes: A pale rosy-coloured wine with touches of ochre provided by its aging and a harvest carried out in extreme conditions. Subtle and complex on the nose, combining quince, dried apricot and orange peel with notes of liquor, char and aromatic herbs, which changes the profile and surprises with its diversity of nuances. On the palate, it is a dense, fresh, glyceric and tasty wine, leaving a long aftertaste of fruit and liquor as if it were a magic elixir.


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